Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS), source tagging, traffic counting and inventory intelligence solutions to reduce loss, improve store operations and enhance the shopper experience.

Retail Solutions company provide EAS solutions on Azerbaijan market since 2008. During these years EAS systems were implemented more than in 500 stores and at the moment more than 300 stores are on service maintenance. Retail Solutions company is a market leader in the field of lost and prevention. All technical staff are annually certified by companies whose products we provide on the market. Retail Solutions are official representative of Sensormatic and CrossPoint brands in Azerbaijan.


Retail Solutions provide independent inventory, audits and inventory of assets. During our existence we have established ourselves as the professionals in inventories, as evidenced by the list of our clients who are constantly increasing. In our work we primarily are focused on the accuracy of the results. At disposal, we have the most modern methods of inventory of objects of varying complexity.

We pay great attention to the professionalism of our employees. Our crews go through several stages of selection and trainings. The company has an internal competence center, which regularly leads training sessions for all employees.

People Counting

Every business with a physical space should count customer traffic in order to see the bigger picture of what is going on in their business. Whether you are a shopping center, retail chain, museum, library, sporting venue, bank, restaurant or other… People Counting data will help you make well informed decisions about your business.

Our most recent V-Count 3D Alpha+ provides minimum 98% counting accuracy rate with its, stereo vision technology, the highest technology available in the people counting market right now. It could be said that it is the most accurate and reliable way to measure people’s footfall activity in and out of a physical space.


Retail Solutions LLC  providing construction services to our customers by creating a successful partnership throughout the construction process. Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our clients by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of the construction team. We treat every project with the personal attention it deserves and understands that our clients need to feel confident in the decision that they have made. No matter what the situation may be, we have the ability to effectively deliver quality, on-time projects under budget with no change orders.

Company’s Workflow



Is to provide pride of security and inventory concepts, create customer security culture.


Our Mission

To follow customer’s needs and provide with satisfied security systems and inventory solution.



Meticulous approach to each order. Processing technical specifications and providing several solutions for the request.



The provision of post-implementation service in 24/7 format.

12Years of Experience
34Professional Staff
349Awesome Clients
892Finished Projects
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